Halloween is coming and you might be wondering what to wear for a costume. A set of wings can turn an ordinary dress into an extra ordinary Halloween costume, i.e. an Angel, a Fairy, demon or vampire.

Materials you will need:

*Needle and thread (Sewing matching if you have one, but it is not necessary)
*14 gauge wire
*Needle nose pliers
*Fabric for wings. (Be sure to get enough to cover wire frame)
*Canvas fabric for wing base (Should be the same color as costume bodice)
*Paint, glitter, etc…for decorating.

If you don't' already have a dress, consider looking at your local thrift store for inspiration. An old bridesmaid dress is often a good option. You will want the bodice to have a snug fit to help support the wings and a full skirt can help add dramatic look, even if you are going to cut it shorter.

Sculpting the wings

Bend and twist the wire into the shape of the wing. In addition, You will also need to create an "L" shape at the end of the wing. This is what will be inserted into the wing base for support.
Canvas base

Cut three layers of canvas in a square. Only make the square big enough to hold the wing's base. (This will help to keep it from being seen once the costume is done). On the canvas trace the placement of the wires, Sew the edge of the square and the tracing lines, this will create the casing in which to put the end of the wire frame of the wings.

Cut a small opening at the top of each casing; be sure to cut only one layer deep. Attach base to back of dress. If the zipper is in the back, sew the base to one side of the zipper and use hook and eyes for the other.

Cover the wing frames with the material.

Attach the wings to the wing base by sliding the "L" shaped end into the hole of the casing.

Now the fun part, decorate with paint, glitter, feathers, netting or whatever your imagination can think of.

The color of my costume inspired me to think of moonlight and starry skies.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

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